TV Game Shows and the Power of Now Deciding

Quick Attack! Now Dodge!' Nothing is far away as one minute ago.'

- Jim Bishop

The Culture of Urgency
Each society, give or take a few, is securing adapt to the culture of urgency. To be decided faster than your short-term goals are your quick-attack-dodge-now goals. Can not imagine how your speed should then be? Just think of your house on fire. Your adrenalin-rush stunts to put off the fire and save your family trapped inside are how quick life in urgent culture turns. Although the non-camera world is on its lazy speed, adjust your pace to always being on fire as in the following worldwide syndicated TV game shows with progressive eliminations:

Enter the Big Brother house where you have to keep alert of every publicized eat, sleep, fart, kiss, bath or cry you do. You have to nominate two or more housemates instantly against emotional attachments, against minimal data you have about your housemates never met before, but along the track intellectualized that you should be the last one to leave the house to win this big voyeuristic game.

Compete in the show Pop Idol contest where you have to pitch to hit or be hit by the judges while insults boost your esteem amid the audience boos. You have to compete with hairbreadth time for a chance stardom which is hairbreadth away to win and hairbreadth away to lose the only recorded using the musical style that was able to spot # 1 Billboard hits - charisma.

Take a lane in the Amazing Race around the world every passing unpredictable geographical location. You have no right to waste split second decisions while keeping your teem on the track of the way to the pit stop at the cultural backdrop of the picturesque scenery around you.

Strategize your self in the Survivor game. Get courageous tactics to throw a lifeline to pull into your future you from the wilderness to your messy one million dollar dream and decides second per second to outwit every ally or foe, out win every energy or emotion, to everyone who will outlast your way to insecure IT.

Think of the human society as an evolutionary hum drum that forms its own progressive elimination. The rules that follow the TV game shows are the same rule follows in real life race which is the most special edition of Survivor - Survivor Living Earth. No need for a fire to stimulate you. As long as you trust your plans are unflawed, go! Do this and that now!

To Provoke the Senses
How fast do you choose with care? Opportunity is rare, is time bound, is precious, and is necessity in some cases. Enhance your ability to handle opportunity by practicing quick-attack-dodge-now responsible decision makings.


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