Reasons Why I Love Drowning into Blogging

Just Take a Plunge. ' I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul and explore it.'

- Tori Amos
Official Entry to The Blog Award Challenge # 1

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I Blog Therefore I Am
Off the net proved bootless ideas to my personal campaign against procrastination, thus I started to check life solutions in the Cyber Ocean and luckily discovered the blogosphere. I got intrigued by its collection of elastic self expressions and come-see-this-way opinions fighting for attention over a public space. At first, I thought blogs are diaries necessarily to be filled within 24 hours. Later, I understood posts were not always personal and most blogs were closer to a regularly updated, interactive, educational, online book rather than to a mute daily blubber. I found the blog both as a play space for my literary soul and as a deadline timer for my procrastinating ego. Perfect solution so, I plunged into blogging.

For almost half a year I am still into blogs despite procrastination reminds me then and now that it still exists in the peripheral fringes of my behavior. One more wonder why I am still blogging is that I, since childhood, enjoy the ningas-cogon attitude which like cogon grass quickly catches fire, burns heavily and puts-off quickly. Actually, I found the reasons why I loved drowning into blogging beyond 3 to 5 posts more startling than why I started to blog. I am currently having pearl finds as I discover what are in me which made me blog.
  • I am a Procrastination Combatant. My post-now - or-never attitude blogging becomes my real life guide to manage procrastination. I copied the capability of being prompt in posting to real life work to oblige myself to perform on time. My posting rings a bell on me not only on compelling deadlines but also on doing things at the right time. Blogging therefore is a cure to my time abusive self.
  • I am an Experimental Artist. Boredom of things not getting new made me rely to the progressive world of blogging as stable resource of novel perspectives. The art of blogging sustains my inner desire for something new most of the time. I enjoy accumulating and testing updated effective strategies for better blog analysis, optimization, publication, design development and monetization. Blogging therefore feed my hunger for discovery.
  • I am a Literary Acrobat. Flexing and stretching words and sentences to get readers interest excites my writing muscle mass and adepts my vocabulary. It recollects my literary pool which is wasted in my life before. Knowing I can write better than I used to, which attuned my writing to a spiritual rhythm, is the most gratifying gift of the blog to me. Blogging therefore serves as my language gymnasium.
  • I am a Hermit on the Loose. Rare was it for me to have a life beyond my skin but my blog displays proved more than just few square inches of exposure of the weird, wild, weed me to the blogging collaborative, cross-border community. It sent me reading friends and enlightened me with networking, commenting, and socializing skills. In fact I learned valuing others more from blogging than from the contact world - honestly stated. Blogging therefore generates my somewhat-called social life.
  • I am a Lecturing Learner. As a procrastinator who learns to move, I love to share my life discovered solutions for any distraction, through language plays, and against my hermitage. All these being delivered through my first ever blog - Hulag, a blog for those who lagged. It is so fun to learn and share what I have learned at the same time.

Blogging therefore serves as one of my media for altruism. Just five pearl dives for now. Although I know that there is more to my person which clicks well with blogging so I remained a blogger. Worth discovering and elaborating so long as my eyes, fingers and soul are willing to be drowned into this cyber ocean against the pressure to procrastinate. Whenever this blogging experience ends soon, the part of my life that I became a blogger will always be treasured. I blogged therefore I was blogger. And I am still now.

To Provoke the Senses
It is not easy to dive for reasons in life actions but simply start achieving it and you will get hooked to it. Do the same in achieving any action - just begin and you will find yourself crossing through. There might be pirates to hamper you but just keep going.
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Post Update
This post is edited to suit the first theme of The Blog Award Challenge: I Blog Therefore I Am. It is always fun to see the reasons why you blog. You can write it down and join the blog award challenge.


  1. Well, i'm not sure if i can list my answers to why i love blogging cause people might think i'm a little narcissist, but i just wanted to say that i enjoy very much your blog, and i loooove Tori Amos ;) A big hug from Honduras.

  2. I have a lot of reasons why I am into blogging too, some are similar to yours. It's a great outlet for our emotions and inner demons.

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  6. Hi Wangbu, your reasons are interesting. Even I'm a newcomer here, now I know you better.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Big greetings and big hugs

    Sweet Dreams, from the bottom of my Heart:

  7. Hi there,

    Well for me blogging is a platform to share mine and read others experiences, views n opinion about different issues n things. Its always good to have feed back from others on whatever i think n write there as it helps me correct at times where i m wrong plus boost my morale where i m right in my approach. So its a platform to interact with the world which is so meaningful for me at least..

    Besides for dropping by at my page n ur sweet words there. Hope to see you around :)

    God bless you!

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  14. wow great piece. this is worth the read. :D

  15. :) Self-expression without restriction that is why we all love to blog :)

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