Sketching Mental Extracts from Six Words

Six word stories. Abstract. Slide mouse.

  1. The first number confuses the rest.
  2. The headlines: Antarctica attacked! Empire blackout.
  3. Running, stopping the elegy of bells.
  4. Boom!!! More to the land fill.
  5. Sniff, Blow, he cursed the peanuts.
  6. Crowd Babel. Red drops. No witness.
  7. Nice tune. Half feet the rhythm.
  8. “Not here”, he defended. Eye wink.
  9. Tick…tick… He opened the gift.
  10. “Leave Message” I abstracted you would.


  1. The last number in sequence prevails.

    Have no idea what it means, but it came to mind in reading your abstract thought. I really like the Entrecard wall. Very creative.

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  2. Write stories with six words? Shudders.

  3. That Entrecard wall is really cool.

  4. First visit here via Entre Card.

    Did six word stories previously too.