Encouraging Chronic Entredropping

Entrecard has been helping hulag gaiin more exposure for about two months now. It truly dealt a logarithmic Alexa improvement on most blogs old or new. Now it has an added feature which will encourage more entre dropping.
1. More exposure in onther dropper's inbox. As long as you are a kind dropper, your blog face has better chances of being traced back now that the inbox dahboard is place on top. The minute cards pop up and maximize in size when you scroll over it. See example below:

2. Feeds of activities of your favorite bloggers are also shown. Including forum messages, selling in shop, adding favorites, updating their card, who they’re buying ads on, etc.
3. Drop Rank is now on your profile with a casual description of your dropping behavior.
Graham said he will be giving first 31 persons to post about this with 100 credits. And this is my entry. haha. Write yours. Enjoy Entrecard Dropping as I do.


  1. Thanks for making me one of your favorites! :D

  2. :) Im new at this entrecard thing and Im thoroughly enjoying it. Not to mention that its a big help in getting more exposure as well as networking with fellow bloggers.

    hope u can check out my food blog: http://desserthaven.blogspot.com

  3. I like EntreCard + thass a very interesting Post on the Stats*