On a Posting Pause

I am swapping my minutes to write good articles with time to examine blog litanies from litanies of blogs which I am planning to include in my new entrecard drop rank wall. Yes, I notice the previous wall is not of practical use any longer as some blogs changed domains, some lost widgets, some were not reciprocating unlike the kind group of Lee Doyle, some were not downloading fast as those in the now erased list of Bendever, and some were not persuasive to read anymore. In this drop wall reset, I will still include some interesting blogs from the previous which I can not just leave behind. Help me find the rest.

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What criteria do you suggest I will use in choosing blogs for my next entrecard drop wall?
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  1. I use entrecard in my blog although I don't really get the chance to drop cards as I used to before. However, I advertise whenever I make a new blog post. For an entrecard wall, it will be interesting to know who provides the highest return in terms of visitors.

  2. I'm not yet familiar with how EntreCard works but I'm studying it. Thanks for the pointers. God bless.

  3. I pays to stick with blogs that participate.

  4. To Janette: In a previous survey I read some days ago, most entrecard members drop back to the blogs of those who drop on them. They can trace back their droppers via dropping inbox in their dashboard. This is called reciprocal dropping. I think those deadly serious droppers (check their drop rank in their profile) who tinker other members to drop on them provide the highest return of visitors.

    To Mel: Entrecard is a traffic hoarding blog system which can provide you as much traffic as frequent you drop on other blogs' cards. It is best designed for those who wishes to increase page views to increase advertising profit. But for those who wishes to impart knowledge via blogging, I don't think it is effective. Just check how many voted in the poll I have raised. For two days that this was posted, nearly 500 people drop in my card, but only few tried to particiapte in the poll. Most entrecarders just pass, drop and leave. But hope I did not discourage you from trying your luck with entrecard.

  5. Wangbu, I wish I could drop as many as some of the others, however my computer is 7 years old and I am on dial up. Some of the sites take so long to load I just click off before they do. I love entrecard. It is what really got me going good on blogging. I have learned so much from all of the people like you. I am going to vote but I wanted to comment first.

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