Recollections of a Social Media Newbie

You must admit that you happen to ecounter at least one social media site in your entire blogging career. While you joined to leave links in your accounts that were redirected to your blogs, you also reserved a tag for “social media” among your posts. You certainly knew the link building potency of such sites that you often would not miss strategies on improving and sustaining traffic from it, however dried and stale those strategies were constructed.

I have to admit that my exposure to social media is very minimal. I submitted my site to only a few. In fact, Hulag was missed in Eugene's initial Top Philippine Blogs According to Alexa despite having a rank of 74,481 which would make it number 20 in the list a probable reason that it is not registered in which is a near complete aggregation of active Filipino blogs. I know it was my fault Eugene, thank you very much for including me in the list. But certainly, though I had been working across my hectic offline schedule to network harder to gain traffic and link backs, this is not my point of rendering you a social media related topic.

Social Media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words and pictures. That is the exact wikipedia definition. Wikipedia itself is a social media of reference type. So the word social media is beyond just the popular bookmarks we click and networking communities we joined. It even encompases social advertising such as Entrecard, event promotion such as Upcoming and online gaming such as World of Warcraft. To a certain context, blogs and podcasts are also forms of social media, so are your e-mails and instant messagings.
Social Media Addiction
Accompanying exposure, a social medium with a substance is a farm of fresh feeds to the brain. Through which, you can either read good posts common or uncommun to you. In turn you will be assisted in blogging as your readings helps you see things better, your aawareness invites cooking of new ideas. Through a social medium you can discuss opinions especially with experienced bloggers around might provide you insights. Such interaction solicits tastes from multiple palates improving your mastery of your knowledge recepie. I would like to harvest new ideas first from my ten trusted (though I have not joined some yet) social sites:

The Four Forwarding Blogging Bookmarks

The Three Threading Comprehensive Communities

The Two Trendy Sharing Sites

The One Online Link Authority

To utilize social media is not to scavenge data or files from accounts of other. But to consume the collective intelligence funneled from them as daily living knowledge diet. Meanwhile, as you munch forward, you will be lumped with false statements, abusive expressions of freedom, blogging indifference, piggybacking, borrowed forms of trust, experiments with controversies or dry topics. But once swallowed you will just get used to them. If digested, they becoming additional learning nutrients to your self improvement. Rather participate it social media as they facilitate free-for-all knowlege farming sprees.

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  1. Hi, nice site you have and very interesting too. I am very happy to have my name on your list of filipino bloggers too. It's fun and thanks a lot.