State of the Blog Address: First Six Months of Hulag

Look Back ' We can move forward bit by bit by looking back to our mini achievements. '

- Wangbu

Most Remarkable Blogging Experience
Dear Readers, Hulag is to date had been running for six months with minimal blogging breaks. Happy am I to be able to maintain it this long while paddling away from the giant procrastination whirlpool growing inside me. Even I already realized what kept me blogging, my wonder of the continuance is still going on in a cycle. Now I am checking back what happened in the Hulag past which inspired me to continue moving.

6. Able to Blog for a Month

At 1 month of blogging, the fact that I am a procrastinator who terrorize my shortened off-duty schedule, blogging for a month is already an achievement.

5. Listed at Blog Catalog’s Popular Blogs
Hulag at Blog Catalog’s Popular Blogs

At 2 months of blogging, Hulag have been listed among the Blog Catalog’s Popular Blogs. It is easy to be at the list. Simply visit and comment on other sites in the network and lead other authors to your Blog Catalog homepage. The more you will be visited, the greater chances you'll have on being listed as the most popular blog.

4. Granted Free Ad at
Hulag at Pro Blogger

At 3 months of blogging, with aid of free advertising in the most valuable traffic generating scheme Entrecard, Hulag had a 24-hour exposure at one of the blogging world's most priced site for the I only sent me 68 views, but it is already everything to a 3-month-old blog.

3. Chipped among Entrecard’s Most Popular
Hulag at Entrecard’s Most Popular

At 4 months of blogging, Hulag reached the first row of entrecard's most popular blog. It was tough to be on despite row that I dropped on 300 cards daily. I devised schemes so - my first Entrecard Drop Rank Wall which I later revised as E Wall.

2. Included in Top 100K Alexa Rank Bracket
Hulag’s Early Alexa Graph

At 5 months of blogging, Hulag was able to reach the top Alexa 100K bracket. The best recorded daily rank was last March 13 being rank 46 024 according to global reach. During which Hulag ranked 930 in Nigeria, 6 316 in New Zealand, 6 319 in the Philippines, 8 315 in South Africa, 13 521 in Malaysia, 15 091 in United States and 19 023 in Denmark. Since Alexa include all types of sites, it is also good to realize that among blogs in the Philippines, Hulag ranked # 20.

1. Received Links from more than 100 Blogs According to Technorati
Hulag’s Technorati Page

At 6 months of blogging, despite being shy of social media, Hulag was able to receive links from more than 100 blogs according to Technorati. This is nothing without you kind linkers out there. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

In the next six months Hulag will reforming its blog traffic catching appeal. It will concentrate on developing more inspiring self-motivation content as it seeks to utilize its world wide web exposure to project its primary goal of being a blog for those who lagged.

To Provoke the Senses
Why not look back to your most remarkable moments? Aside from bringing fun, it also pushes you forward.


  1. congratulations for sixth mounth from your blog!
    Thanks for your visit in my blog!
    always go back!!


    sorry for my errors of grammar, my english is not good.

  2. Hi, I was really honored by your visit to my blog( and leaving your nice comment.
    I also liked your blog, you are using a very nice template.

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  3. Hi there!
    My name is Ola and I'm a blogger from Palestine! I got a comment from u and here I am ...
    Actually those are BIG HUGE achievements for a 6-months old blog so Good for you :D
    let me see the rest of the blog ...

  4. Hi Wangbu, congratulations for the 6 prizes you got. And you just have 6 months here in the blog world.

    It will be nice to you to reach the year, and to reach your post #100.

    I'll stay tuned.

    Big greetings and big hugs

    Sweet Dreams, from the bottom of my Heart:

  5. Did you even read any of our posts? Because your extravagent, and very out of the blue, compliment, is pretty much the same for all of us.

    You have a ton of views, I suspect you're just raking in more. But I could be wrong. Don't eat my head if I am.

  6. Thank you Wangbu!
    It is realy nice to have people reading your blog! We are going to start writing in english so more people can understand it's contents.
    How did you find our blog?

  7. Hi Hulag!
    Thank you who you write a notice comment in our weblog Ilgerek. We so interested your weblog.
    We wish you succses

  8. Hey congratulations for your six months of success. found hulag interesting. And I like the layout. Thanks also for coming to read my blog.

  9. please visit the Blog Awards Challenge site. Thanks.

  10. I don't speak english!


    where did you found me?

    it's right?


  11. Ayos ^^,

    congrats pwede ka ng gumawa ng SONA ni GMA kiddin'

    wish u ol da best ^^,

    more power

  12. Hello, your blog also is good!
    My English is very bad, and I have not understood well everything what you have written ... with that you deal?

  13. How do you do that? Hahaha...Self-motivation I guess. Something I sometimes lack. Congrats!

  14. Olá Wangbu!

    Thank you very much for your visit to the colecctive blog Os Internacionalistas

    I'm amazed with all those blog tools that you have in your page.


  15. Can we have an exchange link?

  16. congrat to u Hulag, Im working to make my site so poplar like yours :D

  17. That's quite an achievement for just 6 months... Congratulations to you!