Wangbu the Pro-Blogger

, 26, M, Iloilo City, self-preoccupied, Procrastinating Blogger

Subjective Hystery of Present Illness:
2 months prior to blogging, to which his cell phone calendar is still fixed, Wangbu discovered that web logs exist and swore he is going to have one. He set back the date each day to provide himself extended moments to come across whatever that life bit of high cause which will quake him out of idleness and motivate him to put in writing. To rush was not his game for deadlines seemed not rational excuses for well calculated lifetime considerations. He contemplated then. But he swiped the blame to December whose punctual cold breeze set a meeting with tardy rains of June sponsoring long hours of sleep and uselessness...
Until few hours prior to blogging, nothing was exactly accomplished. However, his wishes and the setbacks that dumped in burst into bloggable volumes that on the hour of blogging he stroke the keyboard about one thing he is concerned most...

Past Elliptic Episodes
He had a costly degree in worthless living and developed expertise in doing-nothing-at-all. Certainly he had no place in life. However, at one time he was brought to the ICU after a vehicular accident he still survived because he also procrastinates to die. His main obsession was writing about himself time after time... none of which was finished...
April 2000 ...You lie supine on the upper board of your wooden bed. Jack fruit double deck to be exact. You eye up the fluorescent bulb drop hanging from the sky of your twelve year old room but you picture out the quad-centennial dome of Magellan's shrine. Who was Magellan? Whine back your first Cebu stopover to this sailor who planted the cross to your country. Through him that is why you make the forehead, bosom, left and right shoulder gesture with right and middle index fingers. As you believed...
He paused… thinking that he writes language he is now unfamiliar of…
October 2001 ...Think of running nose and awful phlegm, meals skips, fund shortages, weather threats, irresponsible classmates, annoying co-borders, midnight lessons, nearing deadlines and wait from five to seven o'clock for a Jaro Liko ride and miss a homeward van ... On the same day when you reach your home, think that life is beautiful before hearing some parental homily on body weighs and measures...
And twelve pages of lizards concerto, and then stop...
October 2002 ...Whhhhiiiiwwwwmmmmnnnnngngngng!....hi-fi as steel breaks... ears like a sonic blow from a police kettle. Ah! The do-re-mi of reaping... knew that? It's Back! The old sickening heart numb of speeding clocks is on high again. Nosing it once in my matchbox years, plumbed rusted lungs and that rushed blood pipes and oared a typhoon into the skull heart... more bang bangs... Ugh! Adjectives, adverbs...maize stupidity! Wasn't it? All written atop that oinky weeky double deck in my hometown was tugged to say hallå to the Swedish Academy than to blue print the true “was” of me...
Bang bangs and more bang bangs then stop …
July (not sure if its 2003 or 2004) ...Why do I keep on writing? Because I am afraid the world will end (I mean my world) without a single person having understood me. Lately, I thought I don't need someone to understand me anyway. Yes, I still can't be understood. I am an old piano piece. Hopeless. Typical. Fool. Partly incorrigible. Making autobiography is a preventive measure from self-destruction ...autolysis... I always take each day my final day. If I'll die early, it is OK. In the end, I'll be just another vacuous sapien like formaldehyde creatures that med studs cut up in their Anatomy lab....
Autolysis and autolysis until he candled, eating himself…

Objective Condition:
Lately, he forgot English and write something like this...
PROcrastination is never a PRO, it's non-PROductive, it's not PROletarian nor PROfessional. You PROtested! It is the most economical way to save your PROteins and carbohydrates...
You even read of PROcrastinators becoming PROponents in PROpelling it to monetary PROportions by PROclaiming to other self-PROhibitors how satisfaction-PROmoting is their recent PROcedure in fighting PROcrastination. Though same word PROfile was made in their previous well PROliferated manuals, books,”PROficient” time management softwares, getting-things-done DVD systems, work-group PROGgrams and PROfound anti-stress algorithms for which they have PROcured or subjected themselves under PRObation in PROcession...
In the PROcess, they however, lost more time and money since the PROdrome has an inherent PROpensity to PROlong.. So you PROnounced that how many times you PROfane PROcrastination like an ex-god you still whoreship it like a PROfessional...At least, not of the PROmiscous type....
But you are currently happy that it PROvoked you to write PROfuse PROsaics that you have PROposed to yourself long ago... Well at least a PROlogue. So you PROcreated this site and start a PROphase post to give yourself a PROem...
Hi, I'm Wangbu, a PRO BLOGGER of Tomorrows. And that is my PROBlem. Welcome to My Blog!
He lately found procrastination as highway to self-destruction. A barrier to personal development. An impediment to expressing responsibilities. A parasite to time. And think of the reality of a million other time-challenged individuals like him, out of unparticipation the world will drop to ruins. He denounces it and now that he started blogging he forbid this post to be the last. He vows that through this blog he will beat this kind of unmotivation from the other side as a conscientious person.

A Self Diagnosed Procrastinator... as of now, learning to move...

To blog against procrastination... or rather about MOVE and MOTIVATION.
Will he succeed?


  1. This is good reading! Your blog shows PROmise. You are a PRO in writing for it PROvoked even the PROcrastinator in me to just leave you a message. May your blog PROsper and may your readers PROlifirate! Good luck! :-)

  2. Ahh, glad to know I'm not the only procrastinator on this planet :D

  3. Thanks for adding me as a friend, i joined your mybloglog and my name is Fati with no picture just a smiley face :). I commend you for the informative blog you have there, keep up the good work. My blog is in my language (Albanian) I am targeting my own people and hope to be successful some day, it's just the beginning.
    All the best

  4. Hello, I need your picture for your Iloilo bloggers profile.

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  6. I'm flattered that you enjoy my blog! :) yours is pretty great, too!

  7. thank Wangbu.
    your are really the pro.

  8. hey hi here !! Kudos to you for being a fighter against pro-castination. (Ok, those are big words ;) )
    Anyhow, You have a resourceful blog here. Will keep visiting here for more updates !!
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    If you like the idea, kindly mail me. Looking forward to have you in the Show. :)

    Happy Blogging !! And keep fighting

  9. It take me time to find the meaning of procrastinator and i find it disappointing. You guys proud of it? its Mañana habits in Filipino right?

    Well, i like your writings. Congratz

  10. Hi Wangbu, Your blog is awesome.Keep writing and living. All the best to you.