About Lag, Log and Hulag

Who lagged in the blogosphere?
Who cared not reading beyond this line?
Who expected 2020 is best to start blogging?
Who made finding a niche as lifetime consideration?
Who dug deep on writing, and put off posting till tomorrow?
Who fell intimidated of other's page ranks, subscribers and links?
Who wished to monetize but remained wishing realizing its difficulty?

Who lagged in the real world?
Who neglects to mine his potential?
Who wavers to attempt commencing work?
Who targets to no direction and terminates early?
Who perpetually damages his capacity to persevere?
Who puts the labor fire off and start a life burning activity?
Who sleeps work yet form grave nightmares of what future brings?

If you do, adjust your phase.
If you lag, fire up now and move!
Listen to your mental desires promptly.
Boost your ego by steering yourself to progress.
You know living off-life, online or off-line is not living at all.
Still frozen? Try wheeling with Wangbu at hulag.blogspot.com
He attempts to shift his lagging attitude to logarithmic proportions.

What's this?
hulag is a Hiligaynon verb equivalent to the Tagalog galaw or the English move, especially to definitions 1. To initiate action, 2. To set or maintain in motion, 3. To change in position from one place to another, 4. To change posture or position, 5. To make progress or advancing. “Hulag!” is the self-command of Wangbu, the author who is a procrastinator. But hulag can be a call to anyone unmotivated or rather kinetically-challenged to start to move and keep moving.

What for?
The value of motivation as the act or process of stimulating to action entails the presence, awareness and compression of it prior to any action. A corollary is that all those living and the rest of verb+ing proceeds after motivation of whatever matters.
This blog accepts unmotivation as disabling as allergy and asthma, ADHD and autism, blindness and deafness, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, diabetes or hypertension, kleptomania (but not kleptocracy) and erotomania, phobia and schizophrenia, or the whole list one can associate with the wheelchair. As a disability, it often intersects one’s ambitions and life pursuits, it sickens human interaction, it is sabotage to some people’s way of viewing themselves, oftentimes the blame to near a hundred of things one just can not do. But a disability can be cured in more than just a hundred and one translation of “cure” the creative solutions the Disability Blog Carnival members have thought of. Wangbu, the author of hulag and a self-rehabilitating procrastinator himself, utilizes motivation as an optimistic answer (a cure in a sense) to procrastination (unmotivation in a wider range). He specifically exploits the self help approach on motivation. As he views procrastination as a wheelchair to be pushed, it is like wheeling your own wheelchair - thus went the invitational line above: wheeling with Wangbu.

What now?
This weblog pertains to motivation in broad-spectrum although the author has a personal advocacy on the art of killing procrastination. Cases of unmotivation not in line with procrastination might be discussed here. The categories that were painstakingly selected focus on diverse aspects of personal development one have to realize, reflect, and reinforce prior to acting. These were favored by the author who got frustrated connecting the motivation theories factual life and World Wide Web offers.

Managing Measurements
Outsourcing Opinions
Tolerating Taboos
Investing Imagination
Verifying Values
Achieving Action
Tackling Terrorism
Improving Interaction
Occupying Opportunity
Navigating Nature

What then?
Everyone, technophiliac or not, is invited to visit this site for self motivation or sharing of opinions or for the leisure of reading. Although this is not make money online blog, those who answered yes to the introductory questions above may find a rescue to their problem by reading hulag. But in advance the author warns that despite the obsessive-compulsive arrangement of hulag, it is still a personal blog and must be taken lightly. And although some facts are written by a medical student, it's far from being a medical resource at all. Anyhow readers are welcomed to suggest topics down there the comment section or at the Guest Book page. Some what if's on this blog might be clarified by e-mailing to the addresses provided at the side bar.
A worthwhile wheeling with you!!!