Into the Liquid Frontier

I footed over sugar washed shores silked-lined by glassy water groved around by coconut palms and limestone cliffs.That in truth is wrapped in the bottle of my dreams as my working schedule disallows me to. But for sure I am not alone in this dream as everybody longs for the kind of soothing and healing waterforms could provide. By popular choice the beach is the most sought after waterformform as it gives divergent escape and hope of something new to the bored and tired overland bodies. The beaches for me reminds us that there is more to life than being landlocked, specifically there are other nouns beyond what you usually sensed which you can get acquainted with, specifically there are more people to reach about than whom you already know. Just start pulling yourself from submerging in land living and swim through the sand towards areas pass your social horizon. Swim freely... and learn to interact.
On this 26th birthday of mine I finger-walked by the beach front of improving interaction. I met the following 26 bloggers with unique suggestions on interacting with your self, family, friends, strangers, fellow bloggers, or readers:

Mary Kearns
Noemi Dado
Victor Villanueva
Jim and Emma
Lydia Mattison
Gary Wood
Bud Bilanich
Laibeus Lord
Stephen Seckler
Mark Vernon
Carly Young
Stefan Tobaben
Bes Zain
Brown Baron
Darren Rowse
Brad Dolley

Enjoy reading!!!

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