Crying Bolder, Should We?

We knew that the first cry was to correct cardiac direction. Everyone loves to cry then after. Neonates for milk. Toddlers for toys. K-schoolers for clothing. Adolescents for independence. Young adults for partners. Mid-lifers for work promotion. Old ones for life extension. Some people cry to intake food, others to outwit chest tension. Some just wish to safety temper, others to endanger anger. Some to attract attention or to repel persecution. To gain approval or to lose condemnation. And rarely but true, to actualize self like a call for revolution or a listen to national destruction.
We might then notice that the first cry was the loudest of all and that the rest were just hoarse echoes. The parent cry of a hero 144 years ago is much significant than that he made 33 years later, which in turn became a parent cry of nationalism which resonated around the Pearl of the Orient up to date. Since without the first cry, nothing follows. This also justifies the fact why history kings who ordered first are merited than soldiers in wars. More about first cries is that they came out to be popular as the first person to post on one topic receives links successive post on such topic. Every first cry is also remembered, ask sexually active women for confirmation.
We also noticed being a parent sound, the first cry has to be loud as possible in order to bounce and rebound loud enough echoes. As bold as we can, cry significantly (give and take six billion and one meanings). Stop whining for rights. After all we are feasting more over arguments of public personalities than over the debate on their should-have-done national policies. We love them served as part of our nightly soap diet. Cry for everyone's sake. I will not anymore leave a homily on how responsible medium of action we should be. It is already understood that we are to provide leadership not idiotainment by outsmelling our goals with our pathetic childishness under our followers' noses.
We have to cry boldly!


  1. Thanks for adding me as a friend :) Hope you will also like my blog.

    Interesting post. We also cry inside :)

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  2. I like the fading of the lettering. It seems to be symbolic of crying less during adulthood. I am not sure what the symbolism is but it is interesting.

    Thanks for coming by.

  3. Actually the fading is meant to represent crying out loud as possible or initializing action near one's maximum since the rest of the movement to be condensed with time will just form fading echoes of the starting action. Though such idea is not always true. But I really appreciate your idea of crying less agewise since as we grow with time we tend to tame our emotions.

  4. Nice post!The meaning you give to the fading is excellent!But frankly speaking,i hate crying.I don't know why.I have always hated people that cry.I know it's a human feeling and that everybosy cries.but whenever i feel like crying i tell myself that i was not born to cry.To cry is something of a foolish thing to do,in my humble opinion.I dont hold grudges too.

    But i liked the way you expressed the art of crying!;)