Planting the Culture of Peace


Do not argue with me. I am sure you wished for it now and then. Blockage of noise. Rejection of violence. Prevention of conflict. PEACE! The infant in tranquile sleep, the child curious play, the adolescent in soul experiment, the young adult in job search, the mid-lifer in family dissonance, the geriatric in insane anxiety needs it too and have the capacity to share it like you do. You just received a seed of it so start planting peace in every heart you meet even beyond this season of birth of the One who started it two millennia ago. Through time it will grow in every age and gender and bear fruits and spread seeds around farming a pay-it-forward garden. And Joy will be His and yours. MERRY CHRISTMAS to every age and gender!


  1. If I keep coming here and let all this rub off on me, I will have to shut down my blog!! :)

    You are obviously a very nice person who wishes we could all just get along...I admire that.

    Merry Christmas.

    Chelle B.

  2. Hi,

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  4. i can't argue with this ..

    thanks for that post and Merry X-mas