Soliciting Another Opinion

It is easier to teach than to be taught. The persistent student is upset with the feeling of being a beggar for knowledge. But for a hospital person like me, it is very healthy to give up and refer once you can not rule out a possibility of a diagnosis to a patient beyond your known field. Medicine for once is subdivided into specialties: Internal Medicine (Adult), Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry, Anesthesia, Orthopedics, Rehabilitative Medicine, Radiology, Pathology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology are the few basics. Furthermore, there are subspecialties in every field. In the Philippines, a specialty requires 3-5 years of training after you have passed the medical board exam. Another 2-3 years training is required for a subspecialty. The long years of training of other physicians, gives you less shame in asking for their specialty and subspecialty opinion once your patient is presenting signs and symptoms beyond your experience.

Applying this idea to fields outside medicine makes us realize that if we know less of a thing; it is fine to solicit another opinion about it. An expert opinion at best, but just another opinion able sapien may do at times your once a particular idea is midnightly presenting to you. Take asking opinion a habit as world knowledge is not just yours. There is security in living knowing there are learned people who can help you along the way. But halt! Do not track back my opinion in your aims of promoting knowledge dependency. Remember to squeeze your brain cells before tickling that of others. I am now soliciting your opinion on this post.


  1. interesting view :D
    well, another point i might add is make the idea/information solicitation somewhat mutual -- earh credibility on your strengths as well. para kung sakaling ikaw naman yung tanungan, you can do part on giving free info as well!

    weeee! interdependence!

  2. how does that pharmaceutical advertisement go: marunong ang nagtatanong =]

    (thanks for visiting my blog not a few times and re-visiting it via entrecard. the latter is quite addiciting *yaiks* haha linking you up as well!)

  3. This works pretty well in all professions as no professional claim to know EVERYTHING.

    I used to wonder on IT revolution. As I join the mainstream, I realize that sharing of ideas (asking, telling, sharing) strengthen the industry. I can't imagine this world without sharing of knowledge.