Verify Your Kindness

You observed the production of a virus naturally sneezed by people inflicted with altruistic disease and spread indiscriminately through four winds trespassing all seasons. It transmits with those who feed the hungry, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless, secure the threatened, love the abandoned… add more what you can ... even those who die for an enemy. Whether in its generic form called 'kindness' or in thousand other identities such as love, empathy, understanding, generosity, to mention some, once inhaled it classically induces the body to sneeze it out to be forwarded to other individuals. You kept on supposing.

You reviewed the distribution of kindness. Though it is swiftly communicable, highly exchangeable, and strongly preserved beyond onset time, there are still individuals who remain spared. There is continuous output yet the percentage of those absorbing its blessings is unjustified. Perhaps due to its standard property called reciprocity which stomachs kindness to be passed back to those who can provide one and not to those who are actually in need of one. You kept on analyzing.

You summarized the consumption of kindness. You thought of the lack of opportunity you can fill it until you recalled where you are going. You choose to be a physician here in the Philippines amid the national invitation of easier and financial lucrative job as a nurse, a physical therapist, or a medical technologist abroad. You plan not to leave the nation and as much as possible work in the far flung country sides before ever gaining your own. You have chosen a stethoscope as your weapon to reorganize the economics of love, empathy, understanding, generosity just to list down a few. You keep on being kind.

To all those who can not eye on the kindness in yourselves, observe, review and summarized where you are and notice the helping muscle your hand has lend and continue lending.


  1. that is really inspirational

    thanks for these good words

  2. imo, the best acts of kindness are those done spontaneously without regards for one's creed, religion, status and color, which goes back to the old parable (yet timely) of teh good samaritan.

    kudos to a great post!


  3. Powerful sentiments well expressed.


  4. A lovely idea, and something I practice as often as I can.

  5. Hello, great post! Especially at this time of the year. It should be contagious!