Cautious Candle Consumption

We are like candles as our living earth is. We eat ourselves. But we are not picked-up sticks, wick-moistened till ignition and left vaporizing to waste candelas of lumination to nothingnity. We have to be consumed clean, fragrant and ritualistic as possible. We have to practice responsible self-consumption.

To feign a dictionary, consuption is the action and effect of using or spending property or utility to meet needs or desires. In the world of exchange, it is the final stage of economic process where good or service of some value to the consumer subject are either directly destroyed or transformed into another type of goods or services. The 21st Century is challenging more and more our pattern of consumption. The world government amidst global prosperity, are taking steps to reduce it, reusing the reusable, recycling the recyclable, almost to project a creation-destruction ratio of 1:1, which even in artificial computations remains a project. I say we do not have to stop or reduce burning ourselves as candles deserve to be consumed till the last paraffin molecule. Human satisfaction must not be sacrificed to ephemeral matter. We just have to spend cautiously day by day.

Responsible consumption is mortal awareness that everything we gobble has barter cost: physiologic, financial, social or environmental are a few. Each time we spend we pay with our calorie dump, our monetary earnings, and our specie from our core family to the man world periphery, and the Earth itself – the then green and blue Earth we were educated of. OK, less talk here. Just reflect with a candle.

Again, we have to be consumed clean, fragrant and ritualistic as possible.We have to practice cautious candle consumption.

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