Weeding Wandering Wordiness

I don't talk a lot, though I soulfully understand that talk deals, talk feels, talk gears and talk heals. But lately, with some few word outs I have done, I was reminded that talk also jails and talks could kill.

There was a group of sophomore medical students sent to the hospital one night to observe clinical procedures done during a normal delivery. While waiting for a patient to arrive (or not to arrive), I toured them around the wards, the labor and delivery rooms and gave them a “welcome-to-the-hospital introduction” including brief patient care, basic ward routine, and chart rounds. As a big brother in medical field I also left them some tips on how to apply the three-year theoretical knowledge in the actual clinics. The sharing of my personal experiences to others is always a learning process on my part as it reminds me of my own errors. That group's 12-hour obstetric exposure, however, ended without a single delivery. Not even a patient to labor watch about. Quite rare in the department which on the average have 3 to 9 deliveries each night.

That unlucky joke of time resulted to my name and my words which were just popping out that night being lollied, tongue volleyed like a candy, crunched to bits, swallowed and digested down to the sophomore medical students' exposure report paper. My colleague who was able to read those feedbacks called my attention. He laughed pronouncing it loud. I felt so ashamed and on the brink of finding a suturing set to hand tie my lips. What have I done? There was really nothing in the papers that can jail or kill me since I also did not spread a 10th degree gossip but an unslanderous personally experienced hospital life. But the idea that every sense and nonsense words I sent out were absorbed by my younger sibs in the med field who are still in the earlier levels of opinion evolution kills me. They won't forget those nonsense words. And I won't too.

Despite I don't talk a lot, even I am not into gossips, though I keep on minimizing information miscommunication, simply because I talk I am vowing to weed my words out. Talking words or too powerful. Let us weed our wandering wordiness because talks could kill.

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