The World is Mutating, Aren't You?

Every spit of time like every swing a self-replicating robot is quite mesmerizing. I can not discern what age we will be next. The Age of Inevitable Mutation? This idea was conceived by me few days ago while startled by the rush of typhoid patients to the hospital where I am training in. The number of patients with prolonged complicated typhoid fever, some even need surgical intervention intestinal perforation, is challenging that of habitually elevated hospital staples (Stroke, Diabetes Mellitus and Community Acquired Pneumonia). I earlier considered it to be an isolated Iloilo City incidence but later, resigning to media blows and pops, I realized that it already staged a nationwide alarm where in the province of Laguna, Philippines outbreak has been declared. Thinking through, a grave national problem over an ordinary food-borne infection can not just be blamed on faulty hygienic practices. There must be some sort of virulent mutation in certain strains of Salmonella that backs up pathogenicity.

Time change is a cloaked event recognized only as it unveils. Prompt rolling of presents to past may occur as predicted or veer off from usual expectations. The propensity of current events to deviate from the norm is dreadfully logarithmic. These may involve alternation such as drastic change in the tycoon rankings addition such as the population explosion or loss such as environmental degradation as very basic examples. The changes which however spread in the eyes of people such as Salvador Dali are bizarre yet inconclusively possible examples.

Notice that mutations are not proceeding in the living world alone but in other facets of the earth at varying degrees, inevitable as the rising sun. Notice also that how neat you organize your plans, weather will visitingly hack your day, make out some scams and deflect your way. Notice further that only during these minor sabotages that you became mindful of earthly changes around. You never had a space in your brain for such as you adore indifference, maybe even to the fact that the temperate north zones had already shifted to daylight saving time. But I request you one thing, you have to adapt to the mutating world. Why? Though uncertainties from subjected facts are infinite, we are part of a planet where “evolutionary theory” is extending beyond just biotransformation processes. As it rotates, we undergo the course of natural selection which checks time after time that only favorable mutants (hopefully humans) remain.

So, are you ready to mutate?


  1. Great post. I have often wondered if at least some of the current "mental conditions" that are being "treated" by doctors are actually mutations. We are adapting to our environment and society is trying to keep everything the same.

  2. A very thought provoking post, Nature has a way of balancing itself out.

  3. I have a current mental condition being treated by doctors and crazy people hospitals and stuff, and if it's mutation, the purpose was to kill me prior to reproduction. I declined to reproduce anyway, so it worked! My evil wretched sister did reproduce, and she is the one who refuses to take her medication, so perhaps the world is going to need a lot of self-deluded, evil, cruel, sociopathic people who buy endless amounts of little bits of junk to display everywhere in their houses?

    I am better educated, understand evolution and mutation better, and am more capable of living with change than the unmedicated sister is.

    I'm ready to mutate! Bring it on beeoches!