Zany Zesting Zombies


Ranting Resting Robots

Do you ask how faster, higher, or stronger can you be? Or have you ever pushed your body to exhausting and exhilarating limits and sweat buckets? You don't? Well, shame on you for a great number of vegetative fellows completed distally by assorted substances of prosthetics, entwined around by different shapes of braces, ambulated from end to end by various modes of locomotive devices, and hurt in depth by altering approaches of pain, visit the rehab unit daily to bend life to its utmost feasible physical and occupational realization.

Even virtually resignable instances of life are not calamities unless you make them so. Collect your strength and capture the courage of these almost zombies. Be not just a ranting, rusting robot as in this alarming age of technology, it is unavoidable that companies will soon hire ordinary, perfectly operating, machine-driven staffs which receive only repairs, no demanding benefits and no complaining wages. Survive existence to points of making or breaking like a marine training stud horrified of boot camp expulsion.

One word: Discipline.
Two words: Try and Triumph
Three words: Get not scared!



  1. Are you insinuating on robots or cyber beings that are part human and part robotic? It may be a long time coming yet. I still believe that humans are irreplaceable in the work place. Probably in certain sectors like assembly lines, certain types of robots can be harnessed for more efficiency and consistency. Thanks for your post. God bless you and your loved ones always.

  2. darn! i thought it was just a pic. it's creepy when it's moving.