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Hello, this is Wangbu, author of, welcoming you to this site. To be honest, as there have been innumerable hopeless ways to counteract procrastination, it is not yet clear to me if this self-applied experiment of mine would be potent. I would like to outsource your opinion on why or why not a self motivation blog is effective in motivating its author or readers. In this page which is half a guest book, half a boggle, share your ideas to Wangbu by filling up the comments below with the following format:

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  1. /
    This is an example comment which is due for erasure later. I hope someone writes below before I will breakdown from seven days of solitude.

  2. hi there... my first time here... nice blog site...

  3. Ako hulag man - sa bata pa ako eh. Pero karon indi na ah!

    What else should I say for this blog? G-R-E-A-T! I'll keep on visiting this site so please allow me to link your blog! Thanks!

  4. Nice blog wangbu.I borrowed ur bookmark button.I hope u dont mind.Oh btw gr8 blog.

  5. GeekMom
    This is to say thank you for putting me in your EntreCard wall. Now I have to count my words. Have a great day wangbu!

  6. Thanks for dropping EC and visiting my blog.

  7. Great site!! :-) Visiting with a smile too :-)

  8. Hi I like the look of your blog. I'm a bit interested how you did your most commented posts, top commentators and latest posts. I mean where did you get those html codes? I've been looking around the web for ways to do it as perfectly as yours but I couldnt find anything. I hope you dont mind sharing. Thanks in advance.

  9. very interesting blog. nice!!

  10. Hi there Wangbu,
    glad you liked my BLOG.- How did you chance upon it? (i.e. discover it?)
    Viva Filippine!
    Andrea, from 'sufisticated'(Vigó)

  11. hi..
    greta site too.
    it's interesting.:)

  12. found you from the comment you left in my familyblog. glad you enjoyed it. nice you wrote your comment in portuguese... haven't seen all of your hulag yet, but enjoyed the parts I've reached. added a link in my selected bookshelves&rooms so i can return to read more... for a PROcrastinator you look extremely PROductive... wonder if you write&rewrite&rewrite &design &redesign&redesign before posting. best wishes...