In the Beginning

In the beginning, I will confess that I don't know blogs. They are as homely as pajamas but as world wide as the web, as everywhere as bad words yet posts were as priceless as uranium, though as social as the neon crowd still as personal as your self. But I have stumbled upon them so why won't I dig through and re edit my knowledge of this delicious blogs? The social media cited were a few to delimit the undersized scope of how I know blogs from the surface. In depth, however, I found Blogs as the 21st century editions of serialized novels of the likes of Dickens and Tolstoy from which they earn cents in sending their works on tabloids on daily basis. Their difference is that they developed into forms I have mentioned in the second sentence which were less tragic to the writers.

In the beginning, the word “development” is not necessary. You can start in less than scratches: “I don't know blogs” is an example. But that is only in the beginning. The thought that I dove in to it, created my own, and planned to perpetuate it is by now part of development. Yes we have to develop ourselves. It is the job of the living being to find out and develop the latent potential inherent in life. Blogs and the rest of the web were inkless innovations of post Guttenberg printed dailys, which were adjustments of classical scribbles, which evolves from carved stone tablets of Hammurabi times, which in turn developed further back from the pure sign language world. Things, living, dead or unknown, develop. We have to develop to something... OK, I'll leave the future of your own development to your discretion but not to the point where you have to wear prison clothes. We just have to develop. Settled.

In the beginning, I don't know how to develop this blog. Or even just this post. I don't want to camouflage as if I'm really prepared to write or prepared to expand what I know about motivation, et. al. I fear that I can't write beyond each word, that I can not push to a logarithmic point, and that I lag down to procrastination out of fear of failure. A problem cycle. But I must leave failure to nature as where it is. There is no honor in sacrificing human potential to the horror of failure. But I won’t totally disregard the possibility of failure, otherwise we will just form self lies to what lies ahead. I decide to move and keep moving to the last dot of this post. In fact I already brought up three relevant points in managing self measurements which are basics to move on:

  • Measuring Your Self
    Ex: acknowledging what you do and don't know
  • Improving Self Measurements
    Ex: deciding to develop
  • Precondition to Errors in Measurements
    Ex: recognizing the possibility of failure

In the beginning, we have to decide, especially the answers to questions of: who, what, where, when, why, and how. They are everyday encounters which promote intellectual autonomy and self acquaintances which further guide us to understanding our measurements. I want to start a post series on this. How I wish I won't bore you next time. Have I?

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