Ellipsis of Life

Ellipsis (singular), ellipses (plural) are ... (no hidden words, it is exactly the dot dot dot you see.) Procrastination made me Master of Arts in Living in an Ellipsis. In the beginning, to avoid feardom in responding to the call of time I purposely omit portions of my life plan and leave it to the imaginnings.

The state of living is always misunderstood to be constant . The fact that it is otherwise, we have to review plans periodically for present applicability. Such that for answering the questions who will.... what to... where to... when to... why to... or how to..., I become dynamic. Tomorrow always lies and I have to corporate on that with by investing imagination. I already accepted in advance that despite I could imagine thousands of possibilities, they still comprise less than a millionth of the possible outcomes. Anyway here are the previous 6 posts of this 7-part ellepsis series:

Who… One does not live alone, one’s work affects another.

What… There is no universal vision, there are just motivating issues.

Where… There is no Shangri-la, there are just altars on earth.

When… There is no exact time, there are just proper timings.

Why … There are no ultimate reasons, there are just circumstantial goals.

How… There are no perfect steps, there are just excellent ways.

I left the conclusion of all these post to your ellipsic power.

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