There is no universal vision, there are just motivating issues.

I can't stand this! For whatever phrase that follows “what” I noticed some of my reactions do fluctuate in the course of time. I just traced my consistent inconsistency lately:

What main candidate quality to vote for in my own barangay (village) council elections?
Answer 1: Word of honor, to bleak variety among the traditional pledge flankers.
Answer 2: Meter-greeter, to escort local folks to cohesive objectives.
Answer 3: Don't vote as it is also perpetually done by individuals in localities where regular political rivals are their close kin. But I won't vote at all as I am not familiar with which one can keep promises or has good public relations or what nature they are made of.
Final Answer: Ask my father's suggestion! (Hopeless choice)

What to eat for a family lunch in a typical bamboo make-shift talaba (oysters) and seafood resto?
Answer 1: Pork chop! The first to catch my eyes. Just don't give me talaba.
Answer 2: Grilled tangigue. It needs less cardiac apology. Besides, nomenclaturly I was then in a seafood resto.
Answer 3: Sinigang, of fish of sorts. Cook it fast. Soup is good and I'm by then starving.
Final Answer: Shrimp – but after the food was served I ate mostly rice.

What blogs to link from hulag?
Answer 1: Self-Motivation blogs, if my readers need more motivation strategies, they will just click at my blog roll.
Answer 2: Meta Blogging blogs and Pinoy Blogs I hovered my mouse on in the past two months.
Answer 3. Blogs of not long established friends in the social media communities.
Final Answer: Random Thoughts – a combination of them all. And still adding.

I shift decisions every shifting situations. The verity of which is waiting for another 2 days to publish this post to allow adjustments as to what what.. topic to write. (no typographical error there). The original theme was “what to write during a writer’s block and a writer’s procrastination” which I repelled as it is overused by meta-bloggers. This post is a remote amendment.
Do I sound like a 6-year-old? Is this the manifestation of a regressing brat? Thinking through I always have the need to accomplishing things right away in my younger years. Failing from which sunk me. All the way after I befriend procrastination. This dreadful evil that still pests in me. But with learning to flex decisions, I start being OK. Without regrets! I think that’s one reason I become comfortable with valuing different things at different period of time lately. No worries after not drinking what I romantically roasted, brewed and ground. I’ll let them evaporate as the angel’s share of earthly options. I won't anymore question my tendency to change answers as that tends to make me move freer. Faster like a banana peel (good bye procrastination). Happier. A new suffering reduction technology. Life is all about moving towards happiness anyway. Striving to be happy is the motivation deadliest to compel. Desiderata? Call me hedonistic egoist, whatever you'll say; I'm still proud to be happy. And always struggles to be before I get horizontal and able to choose no more. My current preoccupation is what to place in my epitaph. Haha. But I found it suitable to “where…” - my next post.

Small Activity
Predict your unpredictability to decide. Here is a longer method. On a piece of paper, write the date and List down 5 things you value in life today. Fold it and droop in in a slit of a closed box. Do this each day. Ignore your previous answers. Just answer what you exactly value in life for that day. After a month or two, open the box. Check the seasonality of your thoughts. Were your thoughts the same? I did this for 3 months 8 years ago. Only the two were constantly present. It placed me in a foreplay of surrendering and resisting desires. It’s fun knowing my self. For a shorter method, try experimenting on this one. Check your visual DNA at Imagini. Perform the same task each hour and see if your current choice is still of 100% matched to your original choice. I think this gini allows more than just three wishes. Well, are you as ever change freak as I am?

This post is second of a 7-part ellipsis series.

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