Seeking Square Security

I am sickening defensive this time. I got a setback in publishing my monthsary post. It is temporally due last November 24 but two jams took place: 1) The ISP I am subscribing fractured nationwide and momentarily fell out of service for five days sulking probably from a tower collapse. 2) Several citywide electrical blackouts colored and habitually at times when I am home and ready to blog. One natural culprit to blame – a typhoon. This wind hurler of 160 kph under the international name Mitag whipped rice fields, roads and runshanties in northern Philippines attacking from the east. It killed six or seven and expected to depart for Vietnam a day after but rebound and whipped north and central Philippines again but attacking from the west and raised death toll to seventeen then left northward to the southern islands of Japan. Typhoon rebound is not a household event to Filipinos as they have branded typhoons as coming from one direction, passing by to damage once and leaving forever. Rarely also a typhoon beat from the west. Now Filipinos are aware that it is not just lightning that strike twice and not all known terrorist in life come from one direction. And just like how such typhoon taught new strategy to the National Disaster Coordinating Council and the rest of the Filipino people, I also learned how must it is to have a square security plan in life as well as in blogging. That is, to check all directions at all times as I used to when I become obsessed with my obsessive-compulsive behavior. I respect the nature of terrorism in life as an omnipotent, omnipresent attacker invoking me more vigilant to prepare, to defend and or for some matter to offend. A square security therefore serves as one of my strategies to tackle against uncertainty whether procrastination or not. Speak your opinion on this topic? I am always waiting squarely to face you.

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  1. Beautiful place Philippines, but nasty wheather. We can't even imagine here in Europe.
    Sorry for you all in far east...
    Interesting blog.