You One-Month Blog

You blog of log, my mental expectorant,
From whose, effort my procrastination rest,
And willed to move, accept this monthsary chant

That hails you as high-end stage of best
Tool conceived. You facilitated conversion
Of Pro-blogger to move-adviser by tapping a fest

Of words exhibiting an unproven mission
In the time-era proven civilization of blogging:
To invite a procrastinator to exemplify motivation.

You fairly augmented in the snowballing
Of well-known and marked anti-pro fights
Whose efforts made one and many to value moving.

Yet in terms of luster, temp and height,
You are still a neonate, untwisting B-spot log
Seeking hide of startling abilities in the dusky light,

Hungered by comments, near monologue,
Finding contentment in containing backseat,
Willing to climb high yet unrushing to leap-frog.

Still skinning, uncoiling and growing to fit,
Keep flexing your x as every change in your y
Saluting to what in time-moment you will meet.

Despite your wounded privacy mania sighs
There you stick to a non-Mendeleev-table trust
That the weight is heaviest on the ones who will cry

Of labors to inspire others to inspire and cast
A melodic pay-it-forward in the motivation thrust.

Picture credits: Encarta Encyclopedia

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