The Log Jump

For the record, hulag is more than two moths old. It got Alexa’s to 500K overall and top 100K in 11 countries, occasionally enlists in Blog Catalog’s 10 popular blogs with Wangbu as the most poplar blogger and maintains a second rank among Entrecard’s self-improvement blogs. For the record hulag is not being international or being popular and has scanty posts on self-improvement. And this is what Wangbu the procrastinating blogger who learns to move and who wishes hulag to find its identity as “a blog for those who lagged,” wanted to correct. Hence the following innovations for the future of hulaf were proposed:

Holistic Habit Healing
As has been emphasized in promotions, hulag is about “wasting less time as possible.” Thus, the future posts is a promise to focus on blogging life strategies for procrastinators and slow movers which might inspire them self-motivate, begin to move, and to accelerate in the always possible logarithmic proportions. Such posts will further exploit each of categories advanced believing that every angled of an unmotivated person must be viewed to correct the whole.
Managing Measures – Analyzes the status of the individual along the movement highway, how heavy or light his yolk effort, how near or far he is to his goal, how ahead or behind he is among others, how popular or underated he is in the charts, etc. Knowing one's status is the cornerstone of proper self-management, the energizer of self-motivation.
Outsourcing Opinions – Enhances the value of continues learning and relearning from different opinionable minds to stabilize and restabilize or correct and recorrect our movement plans. In doing so we enhances self-security in movement. And self-security kills the procrastinators in individuals.
Tolerating Taboos – Optimizes ones ability to handle alienating adversities that life has legally accepted. Most individuals certainly decelerate movement when facing taboos. This category will teach them to live with it.
Investing Imagination – Fast tracks the future in the eyes of a procrastinator inviting him to move towards an irresistible goal created by himself. This plays with the idea that individuals who loves coloring their future will most likely find their way to get it.
Verifying Values – Draws the limits around the point goal breed and feed by the individual. This category will remind one of his scope and limitation of direction. Along the movement ladder.
Achieving Action – The very goal of motivation.
Tackling Terrorism – The trouble advisory in handle life dilemmas procrastinating or not. Most likely a sequence of shoot or hide tasks.
Improving Interaction – As people needs other people to listen and talk about their laughter and sorrows and to motivate them to keep going.
Occupying Opportunity – The “now” or “tomorrow” master which suggest or reminds proper timing in every action. A self-motivated always knows when is when.
Navigating Nature – The reality scythe which slaps the world as it is to the unbelieving face when hopeful resignation is a must – as life is truly filled with it no matter what.

Ushering and Unbowed Upholstery
A blog is like furniture made of the right platform, structured by an optimal template and adorned by useful widgets. In light of delivering its message clearly, the hulag design seeks transformation into a motivational atmosphere, aligning physical layout with thought framework.
The template with a strong hue of blue and a happy green was chosen to pressure motivation and provide life to the blog. A big search button is inviting. The “h” logo with the meaning of hulag in different languages and the overlaying clock was made appropriate to endorse movement. The “h” is otherwise a wheelchair, as seen in the about page, to remind the person of the disabilitating value of unmotivation. Further self-improvement wisdom expressed through art will craftily be included in future posts to protect, promote and conserve the generic proponents of the blog.
The site aims to be human-eye accommodating and finger-walk tempting down to the footer level. Visually acceptable font style, size and color will be used. The meaning for hulag was in placed for the new comer. One navigational widget widgets was placed at the header and another at the right sidebar to optimize visibility and access. A list of indispensable Blogging Resources was created for consumption of unfamiliar bloggers. The Entrecard button was efficiently positioned both to ease droppers and to attract advertisers. Subscribing and Book Marking widgets were all incorporated in the AddThis button to escape sidebar pollution. The footer was left for a convivial Bumpzee, Blog Catalog and MyBlogLog 16-head squares. Currently, the rest of widgets are just disorganized, forming sort of barrier to the idea of self-motivation as only procrastinators love clutterdom. Spatial order editing with a promise of maintaining blog integrity will be settled soon.

Ladle a Living Lacuna
As a self-motivation blog, this site must sponsor a place for personal solace, companionship, neighborliness, and civility. In the hope of promoting personal growth, intrapersonal and interpersonal interaction being part of it, opportunities for a social space operating within different hierarchy tiers of social relations must be offered.
It must be a place for solitude where individual consciousness could dialog with a rational mind. I believe future posts will be devised to serve so. Certain widgets will soon be sorted to create a heaven for meditation, self-analysis and self-realization.
The blog will design spaces for intimate friendship. The shoutbox widget is not yet unto it. I hope soon it will usher talk of life issues, sorrows, joys and dilemmas especially related to self-motivation. A new widget will be place if shoutbox can not make it.
A cluster of links will soon appropriate neighborliness most especially on other self-motivational sites. The author is also reaching on social directories, social submissions sites and social groups to increase daily visits and upgrade the blog rankings.
The final tier in the hierarchy is community. The blog struggles to find ideas for maintaining the Bumpzee, Blog Catalog and MyBlogLog undeserted. It aims that such self-motivation communities will actually strike action and promote interaction among the hearts of its members.

Amendable Advertising Ally
The envisioned advertising probability is not far from just a two month old blog. The rankings are telling it is too early to monetize yet some opportunity systems such as the entrecard allowing hulag to sneak to the top 30 most popular are increasing. The author is not denying generating income from this in the future. Scope and delimitations of advertising is still unclear.

Granting Growth Guides
The final aim of this blog about self-improvement is to extend free consults on personal growth and development. But certainly it is not feasible yet as the author himself claims of being just “a procrastinator who learns to move” and not an expert psychologist or psychiatrist. The future is still open though. For the meantime, just enjoy blog hopping over hulag.

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  1. Just want to thank you personally for always visitingmy blog duringmy hiatus. I appreciate it very much.

    I admire the theme of your blog. What caught my attention is when you said:

    hulag is about “wasting less time as possible.” Thus, the future posts is a promise to focus on blogging life strategies for procrastinators and slow movers which might inspire them self-motivate, begin to move, and to accelerate in the always possible logarithmic proportions.

    I never heard of a blog with this kind of goal before. Actually this is my problem about blogging, I always get hooked up and yet neglect some of my duties outside the cyberspace. I think i am going to frequent your blog to have some of your wisdom.

    Keep up the good work wangbu and I know someday you will make a name for yourself here in the blogosphere.

  2. Thanks for visiting my web log and commenting on the chat box before Christmas.

    I do like the theme of your site and the words of wisdom for us who tend to get lost in the virtual realm.

    I'll stop by again and see how you're doing soon.