I Invite the Public and Accept the Following

But first, the following boring issues:

Book of the Deed. About what is fine to rule in and rule out. I consciously have less rules in blogging that is since I developed increasing tolerance to the rebellious innate in me as well as in other people in my personal life. To me allowing others to be in their goofy selves helps allow reciprocal understanding and diffuses your own errors to excuses. But as much as I would like to maintain a level of respect to me, to other people and keep my sanity, I will set some rules on submitting post here in hulag, on comments to posts, on the replies to the mini forum I started in Blog Catalog
, and on the future online interactives I might create. To those who wish to sound taboo amiable as much as serious, scroll down and see if the rest of the rules are useful to you.

Karmayana. Conscience reminds me of those turbaned motorcycle riders who lends money with 20% interest. Ouch, where's the conscience? But what is worst than that? If you stole someone's work in the Internet (which is often free) and profit from it by claiming it your own – from zero you will have infinite interest gain. I don't know if hulag is profitable but nevertheless I beg you to obey Karma writing policies. Read this notice from Daily Blog Tips.

Odd-yzine. Greeks believed in living with nymphs and satyrs, sirens and Cyclops. Homer made them so. Even us who live 3 millennia away from those pedigrees of Greeks wish such stories were really true. So I won't get horrified if you write about those strange heroes, innovative stories, uncanny ideas as I also welcome category relevant topics from Astroboy to the latest astral phenomena, to z to z. Nymphomania and satyromania ideas whether old or new are however excluded. Except probably for the category Tolerating Taboos.

Analects of Confusion. Have you heard of a huge socialist country marketing itself in the middle of capitalism? Or a powerful democratic country tyranning others with its might and influence? How about a global liberation group who liberates a lot of souls from living bodies in order to liberate the people of the world from dominant powers? Political ideologies are confusing after all. And I will be more confused if such topic is presented in this personal/ development blog. But I hope I won't confuse you if I'll still use governance as a topic. That is different from political ideologies and is necessary for us to govern our lives. That's why I placed a category Managing Measurements.

Tails of Kenji. This is what became of Philippine Basketball Association on TV when Dragonball and Samurai X were shown on other TV channels – or like Philippines being left behind by Asian tigers. Well, I accept that fact but you know too much devalue on others boomerangs to self-derogation. Just remember that.

Divine Catastrophe. It would be your own disaster if you talk about Adam, the apple and the hedonicity of convent life. But it would be heaven's disaster if Wangbu will be scheduled for excommunication this Christmas if he is going to post something like that in this blog. Good tidings!!! Anyway, neither Amazon nor e-bay nor the Vatican itself offers insurance to sainthood even if you market a sophisticated topic like “The Goodfathers.” So why should we talk about such things in this blog?

Shakespeare in Laugh. Pun, humor, grammarcasm, like what I deck this page is of good use if converting harsh barracks protocol to a friendly theater verse will make the whole protocol irresistible to comply. Wangbu is not a serious fool and knows that “what-to-do's” and “what-not-to-do's” which filled up personal development blogs like hulag is a sure boredom unless word art. is applied. Post clowning is welcomed here as long as it won't destroy the Royal Composure, the English lands and the English language.

Worm and Fish. This is Tolstoy-like-writing of a 7-Billion-word-post on how to fish, that before the readers could fish the point, the worms had already consumed the rest of the post. I will accept any length of post to be submitted in this blog if it could really help solve the food (or knowledge) shortage problem. But how I wish things must be discussed less than enough to make at least one reader lost in indigestion. (Wormy or wormed? Which one is English?)

Uncle Tom's Cabbie. Think of the pedicab (trisikad in my Hiligaynon)
, the of Philippines most enslaving man-hurled vehicle. Think how the passenger reaches his destination while the driver pedals him till exhaustion. Think of the US, the passenger, who consumes the energy of the Philippines, the driver. Think about it from the literal and figurative points of view or whichever you like to. But please keep it away from this blog. The CIA is always lurking.

Less Miserable. Wangbu the Pro Blogger wishes to improve everyone’s living condition but parodically condemns greedy charity institutions who fixes the worth of misery in their institutions' income and the artsys' who abused the top grossing value of poverty in literature, arts and films. In the end they still make the impoverished more miserable. If anyone has as suggestion on how to manage these miserable, near-suicide angels, hulag welcomes you.

Eiffel Boosts Tourism. Not an anecdote, why Jose Rizal
went to Paris, but a seeing life from a tower point of view. Urban congestion, I guess was never been imagined by any French artists or authors and was only brought to reality of universal proportions after the building of the Eiffel tower. Such tower brought tourism, economic growth, urbanization, excess population and crowding. I don't know what exactly brought crowd to other blogs, but I wish you could to mine as well as I to yours. Blog is the only place where overpopulation is necessary. In the real world, many are secretly packing for Antarctica or Mars.

Thousand and One Rights. This is what the Muslim World is fighting for which was assumed stolen from a cavern called Palestine by forty or more Jews with the aid of a genie in the battle. Familiar with that genie? Anyway, I don't wish any of hulag posts to be connected by another irresponsible international news magazine to the bombing of the World Trade Center. Neither I wish to receive a link to my post with that link having a title: “If Blogs Could Kill.”


Seven Days of Solitude. This is what Wangbu personally doesn't wish to discuss. Despite the rigidity (if that hums rigid to you) of rules in this blog, please feel free to write your ideas below and to hulagblogspot@yahoo.com however contradicting are they to Wangbu's. Mind you, I won't write the topics above if I don't like them, it is just that I don't want certain things to be in this blog. After all In Tolerating Taboos
category, Wangbu permits anything, even breaking the above rules.

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