There is no exact time, there are just proper timings.

To answer “when...” is a pledge to time, be a genuine commitment of a mover, be an obligate speculation of a procrastinator. As a procrastinator trying to waste less time as possible, I learned the finest approach to consume time is to savor it as an opportunity. A brilliant way to lick opportunity is by occupying it. My accurate idea of occupying opportunity is to initiate it now with chest pin and adjust later with vista master card. Haha!

Chest Pin
This device harnesses “goal-time” to a luxurious space in your heart. As a personal observation, I inclined to slide off goals I scrutinized as tough labor and anticipate those I found a treat. To correct, in place of judging how hard a goal is, and how long it will take, I just start it and enjoy. Isn't it true that once you clothe to your operational outfit, however formal or informal it is, and step out of your door you most likely advance to your workplace however far it may seem? Once you put it in heart now, it is never as tough as you considered it would be. So learn to chest pin goal-time and love thy labor. If you start now, you might draw to a close it. If give more moments to your senses, you might perceive fine tidbits even nuisance in what you should do as congenial as you disgust them before. Furthermore, such chest pinning is a way of alleviating your heart by resting from over thinking, which is classic to most procrastinators, by simply moving and continue moving.

Vista Master Card
This is a handy goal scaling device advanced up only to the immediate horizon of visual experience. The more humans and human ideas and human actions are born the less is the likelihood of fitting old aspirations into the future. The safer technique I employ is converting goal-time into liquid permitting adaptation to its containing time-setting. This leads to an idea that there is no exact time, there are just proper timings. Having a vista master card is breaking long-term goals to short-term ones fitted to your horizon of secure future and adjusting goals properly each time your horizon moves ahead. In addition, it seems that there is greater enthusiasm in creating+sustaining+achieving or creating+adjusting daily+achieving short-term goals than in visualizing year-long plans. Though long term goals are really rewarding, it seems I could hardly finish goals beyond time I can clearly predict success of action. On the other hand, short-term goals are pleasurable to undertake and makes procrastination easier to defeat as goals are nearly accomplished before anyone decides to procrastinate.

If you marvel what motivated a procrastinator to grasp the ideas he have written above. Watch and listen to this...

Warning: Not for Losers!

and examine this....

Stars to Stardom to Stars

This post is fourth of a 7-part ellipsis series.

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