There are no ultimate reasons, there are just circumstantial goals.

A slippery topic? Probably true in some cases where we as a rational animal produced chain “why...” queries after each “why...” replies. But to slide you further, can you really secure a good percentage of satisfying answers to “why..” thrown to you (mostly by yourself) since you were a child? First I would grow a why did I write this blog question.

Warning: Post Crisis Ahead! My posts in this blog, not excepting this one, starts with an accidental let down of mental juice that ramifies to multiple accidents as I yoyo decision in to put or not to put to writing. Paragraphs by and large end up raw and harmless to procrastination by thought. Basically tangential as a motivation and self help article. But I still don't bother to key press much motivational sense to each and every post in a machine gun precision as I never wish to write like an autopilot who has a “pleasing” type of personality (“pleasing” in a sense that he unlived his life only to please other people that in skinned truth is unpleasing) and acts as an instrument of instruction to non-movers. Though I consider imparting life is the core of living, and I condemned locked hermitage as a wasteful place to be, I'm not hesitant to denote that this remains a personal blog, a twin to my off line battle against procrastination, which has a goal of wasting less time to post as possible. This is the way I wanted this blog to be followed – a reputation on not procrastinating to post against the odds of compressed off duty living. Thrilling Bundy clock posting, not exactly daily. If posting arrests for long, start resuscitating me from my traditional disability. And I do not anticipate readers to credit this always as a stern motivation advisory as I as a reader, like everyone else, withdraw from mortal coaching most of the time. I rather am a procrastinator exampling myself to other procrastinators that cooperating with time is always potential. If this blog prepared a single person other than me move, I appreciate it. Post crisis deciphered and understood?

Why do we have to ask “why...” always? I suppose actions achieved are not always backed by grand imaginings and ultimate reasons but by one or multiple desires. Even encyclopedia faces do not always have grand dreams to follow. Some big things started from small plans others even from accidental finds. Before Victoria circumnavigated the world, mini parabolic routes were advance to justify its voyage. Although most clinicians dream of fighting all diseases, they always start prospecting in cure of individual diseases from researching among plant saps or fungal powders. Who knows just like the early guides to the circumnavigation of the globe, a real elixir might really come out from the collision of these mini experiments. And just like them, this tiny blog which advocates on publishing as prompt as possible might also generate a stepping stone on giving procrastination a final solution.

To anyone who agrees or disagrees to what I avowed, jot your statements below.

This post is fifth of a 7-part ellipsis series.

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